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One Voice and Intelligent JIT

Lean and problem free inventory management

  • 1. One Voice Management
  • 2. Customized JIT Delivery
  • 3. Lean Inventory Management

1. One Voice Management


Managing numerous vendors in different locations with different supply capability.


Our experience with our customers show that they are required to execute numerous repetitive tasks with multiple sources accurately to ensure their supply. We reduce operational tasks substantially by consolidating vendor management.

  • One Voice Consolidation
    We have the capability to consolidate numerous vendors, enabling you to complete all operational tasks without having to deal with multiple communication lines.

  • Global Vendor Management
    We can take control of our large vendor base, to provide you with stable supply of components and applications anywhere in the world.


Concentrate on most important matters
Our customers can focus their time, energy and efforts on their most important matters, while maintaining utmost quality through our consolidated vendor management scheme.

2. Customized JIT Delivery


Difficulty in handling the risks associated with receiving numerous parts, from numerous vendors all with different lead times.


The conventional supply chain can be very complicated and contains many special arrangements with numerous vendors making it very difficult to control delivery to your plant. Nifast solves these issues by strategically positioning our warehouses near our customers’ facilities, so we can customize the frequency, speed and point of delivery to meet your needs.

  • Flexible Shipment
    Based on your requirements, we can adjust our shipment from delivery to your dock to production line-side delivery.

  • Swift Response
    We can react to urgent requirements. Based on your needs, we can arrange any delivery to meet your schedule.

  • Safety Inventory
    We maintain 3~7 weeks safety inventory at all times based on expected usage of our customers.


Uninterrupted and stable production
Our customers can eliminate production line interruptions by receiving the right product, in the right volume, to the right place at the right time.

3. Lean Inventory Management


Use of capital, space and management time on inventorying a large number of components.


Traditional assembly plant inventories contain a large number of small components. It requires capital, space and human resources to manage this. You can free up all of those assets by allowing Nifast to manage the inventory for you.

  • Asset Free Inventory Management
    We have our warehouses strategically positioned near your plant to reliably manage the inventory as our asset, freeing up your capital and other resources.


Lean and flexible allocation of resources
Our customers leverage their ability to allocate precious resources where needed, through outsourcing unnecessary inventory management tasks.

See how these supply chain solutions could simplify your world

  • Procurement
  • Quality management
  • Material management

Material DeliveryConsolidate your repetitive quality verification process

Material DeliveryParts are ready when needed

Transport to Production LineReduce your fastener related material handling requirements

Total Nifast value is based on the fusion of 5 core values.
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Complete solutions for any concerns you may have


Monitoring product delivery is very time consuming and requires many resources. How can this be optimized for higher efficiency in our operation?

Nifast can consolidate and manage delivery of all fasteners and small components ensuring JIT supply, which allows you to focus your resources elsewhere.


Product shortages due to order entry and delivery delay result in costly expedites and potential line down occurrences.

Utilizing our IT inventory management systems we closely monitor your usages, forecast, and delivery needs to ensure there is no impact to your operation.
Nifast maintains safety inventory at all times and we ship from regional sites close to your facility to allow for timely stock replenishment with minimal impacts.


Is there a way to reduce resources required to manage administration and documentation for custom clearances on cross regional purchases?

Nifast's consolidated sourcing and procurement method allows for reduced customs entries and reduced costs of processing for our customers.


How can my resources required to off load deliveries, store product, and deliver product line side be better utilized so we can focus on production?

Nifast's customized JIT delivery system provides specialized staging of product and customized delivery options from line specific staging to full VMI delivery and stocking to allow for fast and easy product supply to the line.


I need to reduce space required to hold inventory in order to allow for more production room. How can Nifast support?

Nifast warehousing facilities combined with IT inventory management and JIT delivery models supports a true Just in Time supply chain, reducing your need to hold excess inventory.


How can Nifast help in my day to day supply chain management?

Nifast offer customers protection from 3rd party supplier concerns, forecast volatility, and greener supply chains for customers; High visibility at all stages of supply and control of all processes provides 360 degree visibility for supply from order to shipment to the customer.