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Who is Nifast?

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Operating from 1987, Nifast is a specialist of fastening components and automobile parts with a broad business scope of vendor approval, sourcing, quality assurance and delivery.

Our Brand

Nifast inherits the strength of iron & steel expertise of Metal One, and the global platform of the leading Sogo-shoshas, Mitsubishi Corporation and Sojitz Corporation.

Knowledge and Expertise based on the foundation of Japan’s top trading companies
  • Leading trading companies called Sogo-shoshas of high capability in finance, credit and global knowledge are the shareholders of Metal One.
  • Metal One is the parent company of Nifast, supporting its global sourcing platform and strategy.
  • Experienced and professional supply chain solution partner for fastening components and automobile parts on a global scale.

What's Sogo-shosha?

Our Story

Nifast Corporation was founded in 1987 as part of the Nissho Iwai Group. In our early stages, acting as a logistics provider, Nifast was supplying Japanese made fasteners to Japanese OEM’s and their tier suppliers in the United States.

Over the years Nifast has recognized the need to increase their value in the supply chain and transformed their footprint into a global supply chain solution provider with strategically placed global facilities to optimize not only competitive quality sourcing but also comprehensive JIT delivery services from our facilities located nearby some of our major customers.

From our modest start of being a US based fastener distributor, Nifast has evolved into a global supply chain solution provider with 13 facilities in 7 countries.

Utilizing the resources and global knowledge of our parent company, Metal One, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and Sojitz Corporation, Nifast has developed a world class global supply base.

Our global sourcing and supply chain management expertise allows our customers to remain efficient and competitive in today’s global market place.

Over time the competitive landscape has changed for Nifast and we have evolved and improved accordingly. Our focus however has never changed. Nifast continues to provide our customers with value added supply chain management services that not only reduces their cost but allows them to focus their resources on their core products and processes.

Our “One Voice” solution has proven to reduce our customer’s tedious workload and greatly reduce their supply chain risks.

Let Nifast be your “One Voice” supply chain solution partner.


Group Profile

Establishment 1987
Shareholders Metal One Corporation
Metal One Steel Products Corporation
Metal One Holdings America, Inc.
Location United States

Nifast has 13 warehouses in 7 countries around the globe.

Total Nifast value is based on the fusion of 5 core values.
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