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Global and Local Integration

driving your global competitiveness

  • 1. Global Sourcing
  • 2. Localization Expertise
  • 3. Broad Lineup of Products

1. Global Sourcing


Find and select cost competitive and high quality vendors globally.


Given increasingly globalized supply chain requirements in the automotive industry, cost competitive and high quality component supply is essential. However, locating and selecting those vendors can be a daunting task. We have a wealth of resources and networks to access the highest quality and most cost competitive vendors across the globe.

  • Global Resource
    As the solution arm of Metal One, we have the capability to access the highest quality and most cost competitive vendors across the globe.

  • Network of Quality Vendors
    Our network of vendors include established manufacturers with a long track record of high engineering capabilities and strong commitment to quality.


Competitive global production
Our customers could revamp their global production and stay ahead of competition anywhere in the world, by achieving a higher efficiency balancing supply management and quality with cost for fastening components.

2. Localization Expertise


Locate reliable source of vendors in local market.


Due to shift of supply chain into new and emerging markets, our customers face the difficult requirement of locating reliable vendors in their markets. We address this necessity with our local know-how and vendor management practices.

  • Local Know-how
    We have established offices in seven countries and accumulated a wealth of local know-how. Building on this, we could tune our solution to local business content to provide a reliable sourcing platform.

  • Vendor Management Practices
    We do not limit our service merely to finding and selecting reliable vendors. We also commit to building a strong relationship with them, so that quality and cost competitiveness are always provided.


Robust local content rate
Our customers can increase their local content rate and global competitiveness through our expertise in securing a reliable source of local vendors.

3. Broad Lineup of Products


Managing supply source by each product category.


Most fastener and components manufacturers have a limited scope of capabilities and product range. As a solution provider, Nifast has a unique advantage over specialized manufacturers, by not being restricted to certain products.

  • Fastening Components
    Bolts, nuts, screws, washers, clips, springs, clamps, rivets, plugs, stampings, plastic clips, castings, assemblies, caps and more.

  • Automotive Applications
    In addition to the fastening components on the left, Nifast is available to source any of your requirements for automotive, motorcycle or truck applications.


Economies of scope from a single source
Our customers save their valuable time and resources by combining multiple applications and component types into one package.

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  • Procurement
  • Quality management
  • Material management

Sourcing & AnalysesFocus your energy and resources on your most critical processes

Stabilize ProductionFocus on your highest priority requirements

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Complete solutions for any concerns you may have


We need to reduce our vendor base in order achieve higher operation efficiency.

Utilizing Nifast's vast world wide network of manufacturing partners combined with Nifast services, we can achieve efficient consolidation across a diverse product range reducing internal vendor management costs across all areas of operation.


How can I achieve savings with Nifast?

Nifast Services offer a wide range possibilities. From our One Voice consolidation service providing a full supply chain model to VA/VE initiatives, product commonization, working to assist in gaining soft cost efficiency across your operation and low cost sourcing options using world wide manufacturing network.


Our business is very time sensitive, how can we gain efficiency in our supply chain in order to ensure we have the right parts, on time, every time?

Nifast’s consolidation and vendor management services removes the burden involved in your total supply chain management process, simplifying supply to an easy single contact point allowing your company to focus on the core business.


I have too much capital tied up in inventory.

Nifast's JIT supply services, IT inventory management and warehousing allows for delivery of only the product you need resulting in efficient turn over of your assets.


Product Launch, Engineering Changes are cumbersome and complicated. How can Nifast assist when timing is critically important?

From sourcing, tooling kick off, PPA, trial builds, mass production launch, design changes and part changes, Nifast's engineering sourcing and IT inventory management services ensures that all processes are controlled accurately and on time.


With global sourcing, it is difficult to communicate directly with multiple suppliers outside of our region due to large time differences.

Utilizing Nifast's Global network, we are positioned to communicate with all suppliers on a 24/7 basis ensuring you will get your answers when you need them.


We need to source globally to remain competitive, but we do not have the resources to properly audit and approve vendors outside of our region.

Nifast has a large global supply base that has been fully approved through our very comprehensive vendor approval process. Nifast is also positioned to approve vendors in any region utilizing the expertise at each of our global locations.