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Complete Ownership

ensuring a stable and more effective production line

  • 1. World-Class Comprehensive Criteria
  • 2. Systematic Inspection
  • 3. Traceability Platform

1. World-Class Comprehensive Criteria


Managing numerous vendors with various quality levels.


Numerous vendors from various locations with different quality levels and regulations add complexity to supply chain, resulting in increased risk for our customer. We resolve this by requiring world class quality processes and policies.

  • Vendor Approval Process
    Before contracting with a potential vendor, they must be qualified as an approved subcontractor according to our approved subcontractor procedure. This requires the completion of our Quality Management System survey along with a possible on site facility audit which is determined by the survey results and the complexity of the items be considered for sourcing.

  • Quality Certification
    Check your nearest office page to download necessary certificates.

  • Quality Policy
    Nifast utilizes a team approach to ensure the quality of its goods and services to the customer and effectiveness of the quality system. Check your nearest office page for more details.


Single source with world class products
By sourcing world class products through a single qualified source, our customers can reduce the costly requirement for receiving inspection of complicated components.

2. Systematic Inspection


Production can be compromised due to increased risk of quality problems when dealing with multiple vendors.


Beyond conventional visual inspection, we verify each manufacturing lot according to blue print specifications with calibrated inspection equipment and part specific inspection plans.

  • Inspection Equipment
    Addition to our basic manual inspection, we can check the quality of all parts utilizing strict inspection plans, calibrated inspection equipment and any customer specific requirements.

  • Foolproof System
    Our process is set up to prevent shipment of unapproved / nonconforming product to our customers. If a part is not marked approved in our system, it can’t be assigned to an order.


Reliable supply of products
Our customers enjoy reliable supply of fastening components and automotive parts, allowing them to maximize the time available for inspection of their most critical items.

3. Traceability Platform


Repetitive occurrences of technical issues with causes unknown.


Amidst a myriad of tasks, probing for root cause of technical issues and delays amongst so many vendors can be time consuming and difficult. Continuation of this situation drags down actual productivity. Working hand in hand with our customers and our manufacturing partners, our Quality support staff will find and expedite suitable solutions to maintain productivity and resolve concerns.

  • Expert Support
    When issues occur at our customer plant, we take immediate corrective actions based careful due diligence.

  • Global Traceability
    In the event a nonconformance is identified, Nifast has the capability of tracing the entire supply chain all the way to raw material source.


Answers to core of technical issues
Technical concerns can be resolved quickly through centralized communication and timely support. We should not assume customers implement superficial amendments.

See how these supply chain solutions could simplify your world

  • Procurement
  • Quality management
  • Material management

Initial Product VerificationFocus your efforts on your most critical components

Check DefectsYou make just one call and we will put the solution in motion

Stabilize ProductionMaximize your time on checking the most crucial automobile parts

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Complete solutions for any concerns you may have


How can I reduce staff resources consumed tracking and communicating with multiple vendors?

Nifast takes ownership of all products, and communication efforts can be consolidated through Nifast from multiple manufacturers to one vendor.


How can I efficiently manage quality issues with so many vendors in different locations? This is causing delays and requires multiple staff for each issue.

Nifast has experienced Quality staff ready available to react to any quality issue. Customer only needs to manage one vendor.


When products need to be replaced due to quality issues but the vendor is located in another country, I face many challenges. How can Nifast help?

Nifast provides a localized supply point, carries multiple manufacturing lots, and can provide just in time certification of product to ensure production supply is maintained.


Multiple quality issues for many different parts occur daily, all of which require the same amount of time and attention to manage. How can I focus?

Consolidated supply through Nifast allows for quick response, resolution, and corrective action implementation over a broad range of product through one vendor. This allows the customer to focus their quality efforts on more cost inhibitive products and critical operations.


How does Nifast control the quality of its vendors?

Selected suppliers through Nifast are fully vetted through our vendor approval process, to ensure sound practices and high quality standards are maintained.


How can I reduce man power and time taken for quality assurance of the product we receive?

Nifast develops controls plans for all products, all product received in house is blocked and must undergo our inspection process to ensure conformity prior to being released for shipment.