Metal One group Company

Who is Nifast?

China (Nifast Shanghai Co., Ltd.)

Our local strength

Recognizing that quality is key to a successful operation, we can leverage the strength of our global presence to provide the best quality for your smooth operation.

Supplying only top level materials

We use processors affiliated by Metal One group, an expertise of steel & iron, to secure the quality of materials.

Approval of local suppliers

We cultivate and develop local suppliers so we can ensure you get high quality products delivered when you need them.

Sourcing both globally and locally

Regardless of our location, our global sourcing platform allows us to provide excellent quality product anywhere in the world.

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A solid foundation

Due to the scope of our parent company Metal One, we have the solid foundation of a stable company with stable processes to offer the best quality and on time delivery.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Nifast Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Establishment February, 1997
Shareholders Metal One Corporation 100%
Employees 19

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